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I have an Acer t180 which has an AMD Athlon X2 4200 processor. I am thinking of buying the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ and wondered if I needed to replace the heatsink that came with the T180? Has anyone done this?

Also, I am upgrading the PSU to a 500W unit as I will be soon buying a 9500GT gfx card, so that should power both the new processor and the new card,


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  1. well tbh that upgrade isn't a big overhaul, and well unless ur getting the new proc for free it isn't advise to get it, and a 9500gt isn't that great either considering a GT 220 is in it's range and is slightly better card

    and well 500w is good if it is a named brand if not then who knows, but if you gotten a named brand 350w it can likely run this system (antec earth watts for example)...

    here is the webpage for the mobo in your case


    check it out and see which one is yours specifically and see what it supports, although both says they support all a64 X2 AM2 procs
  2. You're right it does say it supports all AM2 processors. I'll bang it in for now, waiting until the summer time to invest in an Intel chipset, i7 chip etc.

    Good shout with the gfx card, I was just going with what we got for our mapping workstations at work. Looking at it, I may as well just buy the GT 250.
    I was finding it difficult to decipher the differences between the 9xGT and the GT2xx series of Nvidia cards so thanks for heads up.
  3. errrr

    sad to tell you

    they are basically one the same

    they rebranded 9x cards into the mid end of GT200 series and other than GT 260 / 216 core is newish with a GT200 / b core everything else is mostly G92B core in the mid end

    their low end is based on the new stuff or so they say


    imo ati has better price / perf atm so may wana check them out
  4. Jeezo, another thing to get my head around. I'll suck it and see, the GT series seems quite cheap on Amazon/Ebuyer at the mo.

    Also, the PSU is an Arctic Power 500w, came recommended.

    Ta for the advice.
  5. well it's because they are last gen, nv is set to release fermi (DX 11) in the high end in the coming months, and ati already released the radeadon HD 5000 series (DX 11) back in last year

    if you have to buy now, grab a 5670 or a 5770 if you can stretch it and what is arctic power? It sounds like a no name brand, got a store page for it?

    or wati for fermi and ati price drops or fermi it self (but it will be expensive)
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