Highest 6950 Overclocks?

Hey guys, I recently put a Artic Cooler on my XFX 6950 because the stock cooling was total crap. I went from 90c under load to staying under 60c

So I have afterburner and was testing some clocks. I got as far as 1ghz and 1450 ram clock lastnight on 1.175volts ;) totally stable for a while anyway, but only tested about 10 min in Kombuster and BF3 Max temps hit was 62c at that clock!

I feel like I could have easily pushed it farther based on the temperatures but got scared and backed it off a bit for normal use...

So Im wondering is heat the main factor when OC'ing or is it best to just not run paast a certain point even if its low voltage stable? Ive heard of guys struggling to get past like 900/1350 and I have ZERO issues running cool at 1ghz/1450ram is that normal with aftermarket cooling? What are the high end clock thresholds??
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  1. Is anyone overclocking thier 6950's?? They are not dinosaurs just yet...
  2. Wait a bit more, moto has some watercooled/asus DCII 6950's :) http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/272443-29-asus-6950-dcii-plan
  3. Seems like he wont be over clocking much tho... :(
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