How do i connect this motherboard to this case?

Hi, i have a case that is a bit complicated. It has an extra main control board that controls ligths, fans and temperatures. Well, the thing is that it has three cables coming out of it wich i dont know how to use. These they are:
Black: Labeled as MB USB i guess this one is easy, just plug it to an usb.
White: Looks like the power cable for a fan. Comes from a Motherboard IO with many pins connector that is in the Main control board, only three of them end in this white connector. But, where do i plug it? it sure fits in a fan connector but arent those for fans... i mean fan speed can change, but i guess this board doesnt, its a different thing isnt it?
Blue: Looks like USB, only that it has the plastic filled pin hole on the opposite side. This one reunites 6 smaller ondulated cables. Three of them come from the Main card , are labeled as BLINK. The other 3 seem to come from the frontal area and are labeled as LED SWITCH.

Any ideas? If they are the PN1 and PN2 connectors how can i know where to connect them... will i need to break the connector into 6 individual ones? Im a bit of a noob for this complex case, any help would be aprecciated. Thanks in adavance.
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  1. You can plug the first one (USB), but it doesn't look standard to me. I wouldn't plug the second one until I know exactly what its purpose is. The third one most likely isn't a USB connector. Based on your description, it should drive LEDs on your case. Is that a case from an OEM PC with some OEM motherboard? If not, didn't a wiring diagram come with the case?
  2. It is an alienware case, i bougth it empty on ebay. It comes with the card and ligths. I found tutorials for similar older versions of the card, like this one:
    But i didnt manage to make much sense out of it, and i cant find anything related to the new model.
    Here is my card:
    I can take more photos or get the labels or writings for any cable if that can help.
  3. You'll have to get the info from Alienware or from someone having that case.
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