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How do i connect this motherboard to this case?

Last response: in Motherboards
June 5, 2010 1:45:12 PM

Hi, i have a case that is a bit complicated. It has an extra main control board that controls ligths, fans and temperatures. Well, the thing is that it has three cables coming out of it wich i dont know how to use. These they are:
Black: Labeled as MB USB i guess this one is easy, just plug it to an usb.
White: Looks like the power cable for a fan. Comes from a Motherboard IO with many pins connector that is in the Main control board, only three of them end in this white connector. But, where do i plug it? it sure fits in a fan connector but arent those for fans... i mean fan speed can change, but i guess this board doesnt, its a different thing isnt it?
Blue: Looks like USB, only that it has the plastic filled pin hole on the opposite side. This one reunites 6 smaller ondulated cables. Three of them come from the Main card , are labeled as BLINK. The other 3 seem to come from the frontal area and are labeled as LED SWITCH.

Any ideas? If they are the PN1 and PN2 connectors how can i know where to connect them... will i need to break the connector into 6 individual ones? Im a bit of a noob for this complex case, any help would be aprecciated. Thanks in adavance.
a c 236 V Motherboard
June 5, 2010 3:10:02 PM

You can plug the first one (USB), but it doesn't look standard to me. I wouldn't plug the second one until I know exactly what its purpose is. The third one most likely isn't a USB connector. Based on your description, it should drive LEDs on your case. Is that a case from an OEM PC with some OEM motherboard? If not, didn't a wiring diagram come with the case?
a c 236 V Motherboard
June 5, 2010 3:36:20 PM

You'll have to get the info from Alienware or from someone having that case.