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As can be gleaned from this question, I'm a bit inexperienced, but I'm learning more every day from the wonderful community here at Tom's Hardware. My question is: I'm planning on buying the ASRock 890FX motherbaord and I was wondering what hard drive can go with it? I see that it has SATA 6Gb/s connections, but when I search for harddrives with those connectors I only get two results. I feel like this can't be the case. Is it possible to connect a hard drive with SATA 3Gb/s connectors to this motherboard? Thanks a lot for the help. I'm putting my computer together somewhat slowly by taking apart a much older computer, so I kind of need some of these older parts to fit in with this new motherboard.
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    Yes, you can use slower SATA drives on your motherboard. e.g. SATA2 on your SATA3 connectors. SATA specification is backward compatible. Your board also has a single IDE connector supporting older IDE devices (old IDE HDD or CDROM).

    If you want to go 6GB/s on the SATA bus, the Western Digital WD1002FAEX is really your only option. However you cannot use these drives in a RAID config, they are reported to have problems.

    My personal recommendation is to go with multiple Samsung Spinpoint F3's.
  2. Awesome, that's exactly what I needed to know. I'm not too concerned about getting a 6GB/s drive, because I plan to just upgrade to SSD once they're reasonable...or Christmas rolls around ;-) But it's good to know that everything's backwards compatible.

    I've got one more question, and I'm going to post it elsewhere as well, but I figure I'll ask it here while i've got someone who I know will look at it.

    Would you recommend going with the 890GX or the 890FX? The reason I want to do the GX is because I'm building up my computer somewhat slowly and while I plan on getting a HD 5850 I don't have $300 right now. If I get the FX, then I have a $30 card picked out, but I'd still be saving $70 if I go with the GX. The important thing in my mind is if a year from now, if I eventually build up Crossfire 5850s, is the GX going to be a bottleneck with respect to the FX. I plan on getting a Phenom II X4 965, if that helps. (I read the GX and FX articles on Tom's Hardware, but I noticed the GX system had an SSD and the 955 while the FX system had the Velociraptor and 965. So I don't know if the different text setting made to much different on the benchmarks, which turned out to be fairly similar.
  3. Sorry, was going to reply sooner, but had an aweful spyware experience (which SuperAntiSpyware has cleared up, hopefully, Spyware Doctor was frigging blind).

    If you are serious about doing dual HD 5850's or whatever, then the FX is the way to go. If its gonna take you more than 6 months to do it, go with the GX as it does hybrid. The PCIe slot limitations of the GX are no doubt due to the onboard video, so if you go this route plan on making the onboard part of your crossfire solution.

    I did notice though that the FX..
    has more SATA, but lacks an eSATA
    has fewer USB (weird)
    has an IDE connector for older drives (could be useful)
    And supports AMD Vision Black.

    The only other thing would be to make sure you get a power supply appropriate to your long term plans and to make sure that you can fit all the stuff you want into this rig. Hope that helps.
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