Crosshair iv formula motherboard orange light

Hey i just bought a new computer with the motherboard ASUS Crosshair Iv Formula
everything has been working just as it should now for 3 days and then yesterday i turned of my computer normaly by in the start menu pressing Shut Down, then the morning after when i wake up and i try to turn it on my screen said that there was nothing conected to it, so i opened my computer and saw if everything was running as it should and it was, my graphic card was running everything was the only thing that was there that wasnt there before was an orange light on my motherboard, does anyone know how i can fix this problem ?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    I'm pretty sure that u can find the answer to ur issue here, download the manual and read from page 2-2- (28 of 172) until 2-5 (31 of 172)
  2. exactly, nothing a trip into the bios wont fix...
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