Core i7 975- Running too hot?

Hi, I have a Core i7 975 Extreme. Running stock speed, with liquid cooling. If I do nothing but sit here and play one computer game (World of Warcraft), the temps average 50*-55*C or higher sometimes.

I know they run hot, but that is pretty extreme for having liquid cooling it seems?

Core i7 975 Extreme
Windows 7 Ultimate
12GB Corsair Dominator
Gigabyte X58A-UD7 Mobo
GTX 285 2GB
Corsair 1k power supply
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  1. Have you ran any benchmarks, i.e. Intel Burn Test, Prime 95, etc...? If not, do so and we can give you better information.
  2. I ran World of Warcraft, MSN Messenger, and Prime 95 Stress Test simultaneously for about 5 minutes but didn't get a chance to record anything because temps ran over 80* and were going up and I shut it off.
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