Micro ATX and ATX question and mobo suggestion..

Hi .
I have a couple of questions.
What is the difference between Micro atx and atx micro atx have some performance limitations due to their smaller size or it is just the number of pci slots?Should one go with micro atx board for a gaming pc?

Also which motherboard do you suggest between MSI 785GM-E51(DDR3) and BIOstar TA785GE 128M(DDR2) for a hexacore build(1055t) for gaming.
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  1. If you have to buy ram, get a ddr3 board. I use a micro atx biostar p55 board, and it has 4 ram slots, hdmi port, dual video capable, and two pci slots. I have no problems overclocking it. So micro atx may work fine for you.
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    Micro ATX is just fine and I actually got to build two PC with the MSI 785GM-E51. It does not have performance limitation and they are just built that way to fit small cases.

    But you do not need a 1055T for gaming. An X3 440 will be a very good match to the MSI 785GM-E51. Read this article:,2619.html
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