I just bought (auction)

MEM OCZ 2×2048MB PC8000 DDR2 4 MB
CPU Q9300
FAN Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7

Paid 225 for all (good or bad deal it is already over)

I am only a hobbyist but do this to learn about computers (will retire from USN soon and need a new career).

My real question is that I cant really find any good review of MB. Is the XFX MB any good. I will only use this for a short time and then get rid of it to friends or family. Probably no gaming but feel that sooner or later I would like to build a mid power gaming rig. If the XFX is marginal I would rather replace it now instead of after building the computer. Will run Windows 7.

Thanks Phil
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  1. Well the 4gs of ddr2 ram is available which is probably more than enough for multitasking and to run almost all apps and games in windows 7.
    Also the processor is strong enough that it will not bottleneck any game or app.Being a quad from intel the Q9300 holds one of the top
    position in gaming cpu hierarchy chart.it is still very good for all kind of apps and games.

    The only thing which seems a little weird is that mobo.It supports only cpu with fsb upto 1333MHz on the old intel 775 socket.
    Also the support for external graphics card is limited by the pci e slot of first generation.

    For gaming it would be better to use a mobo with support for a pci e 2.0 slot with a good graphics card.
    The other components may be used with,after upgrading mobo and getting a graphics card.
    Also make sure to get a good power supply of 500w or the recommended power requirement if you get a high end graphics card.

    There is no need to upgrade anything if are not into gaming.Everything is just fine.
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