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My current Hard Drive is 500GB and it is my boot drive. It has the OS installed on it along with all my programs and games etc. My question is can I somehow put my data (276GB of OS, Programmes etc) onto a 120GB SSD? I doubt this is possible at all, so what are my solutions? Should I just format my hard drive and and install the OS on the SSD, along with re installing my games on that. Then install all my programs on my HDD?

Any solutions will be great thanks
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  1. Thats what I did,I put the os on my ssd drive,games on another ssd drive,and a hdd for all the storage,for temporary internet files,and all other junk the os creates,that way it keeps the ssd cleaner,and thus,preserving its speed longer.

    With the issues I am having,I personally think that hdd's are still the most stable option untill sandforce and marvell can work out theyre issues..
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