Need advice for a 3D rendering computer

Is an i7 processor the best to go for 3D rendering? Should I focus on harddrive speed coupled with a 2ms monitor? I can't afford one of those quadro fx cards so I'm thinking to focus on the graphics card last?
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  1. If you aren't tight for cash then yes i7 ftw
  2. batuchka said:
    If you aren't tight for cash then yes i7 ftw

    Would the i5 be the next best choice? And should I focus on more memory or first get a fast hard drive with a 2ms monitor?
  3. 1. No need for a 2ms LCD unless doing intensive gaming.

    2. No need for a workstation GPU unless you are doing this for a living.

    3. For a low budget, a Phenom II X4 or Athlon II X4 should fit the bill if you can't get an i5.

    4. A good HDD like the Samsung F3 should be fine.

    5. List budget and rendering programs (Maya,3ds,etc)
  4. The main source of work is motion graphics with 3D elements used. I do use Maya, 3DS, Lightwave, C4d but primarily to compliment After Effects. These will be industry level quality and the budget is $900-$1000.

    Also, I do not know the technical part of monitors but I do feel a big difference in speed between a 2ms and say a 5ms monitor when I put down brush strokes on my wacom. Might be an issue specific on the monitors I tested on, I don't know.
  5. ^Hmm.... $1000 with or with out LCD?
  6. $1000 without monitor.

    I was having a conversation with a buddy of mine who does some networking for computers and he says the ms response time on a monitor isn't important but the travel time in the cable from monitor to PC. He says manufacturers do not list this speed on their boxes so it is impossible to know unless you do some benchmarks.

    Is this true? I would require a monitor that translates from the PC as fast as possible, and what would that be called?
  7. He is more or less correct. The ms time measures the LCDs response time. Currently Anandtech is down so I can't link you to their extensive guide on LCDs.

    But anyways, for $1000:

    i7 920


    1x 500GB Samsung F3 (OS) and 1x 1TB Samsung F3 (Data)

    HAF 922 , HAF 932 , Antec 900, Antec 300 any one of these should work. Or if on a tight budget: NZXT Beta EVO:

    ATI 4650 since you arn't gaming (see note below)*

    Antec EA650, Corsair 650TX or if you want modular Corsair 750HX

    If OCing: Core Contact Freezer 120mm with LGA1366 bracket.

    * As for GPU, if you can find an old 8800GTX,GTS,etc you can softmod them in to workstation cards. Cards after the 8800s can't do this.
  8. I am also on the market for a computer that will be doing 3d graphics. I am thinking about getting the custom built hp with the nvidia.. HP Pavilion Elite HPE-170t series 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. 8 gb of ram. Do u think it will be able to handle 3d studio max and alias.
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