Need help new mobo plz assist ;)



Asus P5N-D

I'm strewn, I read problems with people having video glitches with the Asus and On board Lan issues with the Gigabyte.

I'm running Win7 Ultimate 64

I don't need raid, only running a single 500Gb Barracuda. I don't need SLI, my GTX 285 is more then enough. Just looking for a mainstream board capable of OC'ing my E8400 E0 to 3.8-4.0Ghz and mostly be compatible with Win7 64.

This is my gaming rig. I plan on picking up 4Gb 2x2Gb of OCZ Nvida SLI memory. That and an Arctic 7 Pro Ver2.0 cooler.

Im familiar with over clocking and do IT for a living, just trying to see what board is more from your guys experiance is more "Error Free" or "Less of a headache going to Win7 64 with".

I appreciate any advice, and look forward to pro & cons.

Thanks all ~
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  1. I would recommend the ASUS P5N-D for your needs.
  2. p45 rocks.
  3. .. and I'm still at a draw!

    So is anyone familiar with either of the issues I listed with those board, the video glitch, or the On Board Lan not working correctly with Win7 installation?

    Just curious.

    Im more so leaning towards the P45, anyone have personal experience with these boards and win7 yet?

  4. *bump*

    Gonna place an order today If I can decide! :bounce:
  5. Was hoping to get more replies, but no worries.

    Just ordered : GA-EP45-UD3L w/ Arctic 7 Freezer Pro Rev. 2 ( Free Shipping for 115.00 )

    Hopefully Ill finally be able to unlock the full potential of my E8400 E0.
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