What should I upgrade next?

specs are in siggy. My 900 side panel is broke and the top fan, so im thinking of getting a 1200. I have a 265$ budget, I cannot go higher. I just got a 22" monitor today at CompUSA for 99$, so I am good on that to.

Antec 900 | EVGA 780i | E8500 @3.16 | HIS HD4890 | OCZ 4GB DDR2 800 | OCZ GameXStream 600w | Seagate 250GB
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  1. If you order from Newegg soon, you can replace your Antec 900 for $59.99 after MIR. Other wise, the Antec 1200 or Antec 902 are good upgrades.

    Other upgrades within your budget? ... Maybe switch your MOBO to a non-Nvidia chipset board so you can Crossfire your ATI 4890 down the road.
  2. dont need to upgrade.
    wait... maybe change the mobo to a p45 express mobo so you can do
    crossfireX later
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