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Hey I overclocked my cpu then when i saved and exited from the bios my screen went black. all the lights and fans start when i start my computer, but the beep i usually get isnt there. the fan on my gpu will "spike" once in a while. my monitor doesnt get any signal at all. Please Help! thanks :)
This is what i'v got.
fx4100 gpu
gigabyte 970a-ud3 mother board
corsair h60 liquid cooling
750wt powers upply (i dont remember what brand)
zontac 1gb ddr5 gpu
500gb Samsung 7200rpm
I purchased all the parts about four months ago all where new except the gpu and the hard drive witch i bout used.
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  1. Your hardware is failing the POST...Power On Self Test....meaning either the cpu or ram is too far out of spec to even start the post...also you could have affected the graphics because the buses are tied together or during the overclock..the pcie slots got inadvertently overclocked and/or you could have lost a optical or hard drive as well.

    Either way...try clearing the cmos by jumpering the pins AFTER removing your battery, the pins are located right above your front panel connectors at the bottorm right corner of the motherboard...the cpu is at the top...the bottom right corner.

    The motherboard manual will give you clear instructions as to how to clear it. This will remove the overclocked settings preventing your machine from booting. This sets everything back to factory will have to reenter the bios to make sure your lan is on, your hdd interface are enabled, and any other changes you made to the bios.

    You should be able to successfully boot up now if it was a ram or cpu setting issue. Make sure to follow the manuals instructions for setting up your bios after clearing the cmos. DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE THE clearing the cmos...nasty things happen if you forget.

    All this will be for naught IF you hurt your graphics card...but the only way to tell is to begin by clearing the cmos and attempting to boot to the bios to reset everything.

    If you have no luck after clearing the cmos on boot...disconnect all hardware peripheals and try to boot...disconnect all optical drives, hdds and try to start, then add back one piece of hardware at a time to see if you fried a piece of hardware.

    If you get all this done and you have NO video...odds are you smoked your gpu but that is a "worst case" scenario...usually it's the overclock settings making it impossible for the ram OR cpu to run at the chosen speed and a "no boot" is the result.

    Good Luck

    Post back if resetting all that helped or if you smoked the video card.

  2. hey, so it worked thank you so much :) the only only thing is that it is asking me to load my operating system disk will i need to re install my OS or is there some way to get around this.
  3. Good response tekman. Anyway, I don't think you should need to reinstall the OS. The OS should still be on the hard drive. Check the boot sequence in BIOS and make sure the hard drive is on the list. Make sure the SATA ports are enabled.

    If the boot sequence is ok and the ports are enabled, and it still wont boot, then you may have a problem. I have no personal experience with this problem and I may be way off base, but I would try to boot from the same hard drive on another SATA port. Then I would boot from another drive. Boot the hard drive on another computer. Lots of things to try.
  4. Thank you so much. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) . I plugged the hard drive in to a different port and it is working now. Thank you both you and techman were very help full.
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