Ddr3 corsair 1600mghz.......why duel channel?...

hi..i have a msi 770-g45 mainboard..and corsair xms ddr3 1600mghz memory, but my mainboard shows my ram at 1333(i understand the native thing), however..shouldnt my ram show triple channel?..it shows duel right now in slots 1& 2..do i have the second ram in the wrong slot?....
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  1. First of all, AMD motherboards do not support triple channel. Only the intel 1366 motherboards can at the moment.
    I checked your manual and you got the RAMs in the right slot and your motherboard is showing the correct status. Perfectly nothing to worry about.

  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    I will try to solve both of ur problems:

    1- About the speed ur mobo don't support the 1600 as default in that case if u want get the 1600 u need enter to the BIOS and set all the specs of ur RAM manually.

    2- Ur mobo and CPU don't support the tri-channel feature this is only supported by Intel i7-9xx series and mobos with chipset X58, for ur case that i think u bought a tri-channel kit u only can get a 4GB (2x2GB)dual channel plus a 2GB single channel
  3. ty both..lol..i was wondering..guess i missed it on my build..lol..anyway..ty very much for your help
  4. Any time that's why we are here.
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