I have a GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard and a i2500k CPU and wondering

How to overclock my i2500k cpu in BIOS? I'm looking into only a modest jump in cpu speed. I have a 600 Watt power supply and a 560 ti graphics card (just so you guys know what I have in my machine). I'm very much new to overclocking (this will be my first time)
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  1. I would check out this video...it explains a lot about this particular motherboard and what to change in the bios for a successful overclock.


    You didn't mention what ram you were using but you can look up your timing settings for the model of ram you have and proceed caution.

    The guy in the video is overclocking a 2700K but not to worry...the 2500K works exactly the same way and it's a voracious overclocking machine...so you can just follow the steps and see where you end up at....

    NOTE...You do NOT have to overclock to 5GHz..or use the 50 multiplier described in the video...you can go lower if you're uncomfortable with overclocking that high.

    I would start at something like maybe 42-45 and see how it performs

    IMPORTANT you also do not mention what cpu cooler you are using..if using stock DO NOT OVERCLOCK...the stock cooler is VERY POOR at removing heat even at default clocks...I fully recommend an aftermarket heatsink and fan...HSF...check this out here or alternatively check out the second link as well.

    that can't be beat for $35 and it performs like mad...mad...mad!!! :)

    but for more safety and a little cooler temp on the high end...


    You don't get twice the efficiency and half the temps...but it will hold a lot more heat and allow more headroom at the top end of your overclock.

    These both are great coolers and perform very well...both coolers will allow you to overclock up in the stratosphere...but as you stated you only wanted a mild overclock...if so I would go with the Air cooler...coolermaster 212evo and save the money...if you are going to push your overclock up to hi speeds...then for safety's sake...use the water cooler...more headroom and margin for heat.

    Good Luck and let's know how things went.

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