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I have been having lots of trouble with my PC lately, I had to reformat it due to many BIOS errors.
Anyway sometime after reformatting my PC did not want to boot past the windows logo XP screen.
Keep in mind the computer was running great for a few days after the reformat. I tried many things like trying to go into safe mode however that didn't load and it just froze. I tried using "last used settings that worked" no luck. This computer is a dell XPS 720 its about 5 years old. Can anyone help me on this issue..

Thank you

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  1. if your computer has bios errors then windows will continue not working properly. try updating to the latest bios from your motherboard manufacturer then loading the bios defaults.
  2. I'm familiar with computers but not that familiar could you possibly walk me through on how to do that?
  3. 1) identify the make/model of your motherboard
    2) use google to find the manufacturer's website. go to the support section
    3) download the SPECIFIC firmware update for your make/model of motherboard. if you flash the wrong one you could brick your motherboard. The manufacturer will provide instructions on how to do it.
    4) remember to load the bios defaults after flashing.
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