Phenom ll X6 1075T Overclock Fail

System: Phenom ll X6 1075T
-Asus M4A87TD
-G skill ripjaw 1600 4g ram
-Seasonic X series 750watt Gold
-250G Mushkin Cronos SSD
-XfX 6950 2G + 250 Arctic cooler

Okay so here my issue. Almost evey overclocking thread and benchmark Ive seen on the X6 1075T it will goto 4ghz without breaking a sweat at no more than 1.45volts

I cannot break 3.8ghz at 1.5 volts Ive tried to run it 4.0Ghz at 1.5 and cant get more than a few seconds of Prime before blue crash.

Also, the Ripjaw 1600 was reviewed at running up to 1968Mhz with 1.65 volts (stock is 1.5) anything over 1700 and again my system is totally unstable even with it at 1.65volts!

I must be doing something wrong?? Ive got great cooling CPU Never goes over 55c under stress at 3.8Ghz so why cant I get to 4.0Ghz this should be easy on my system! Could it be that my Gold series 750Watt is not enough? Sounds silly but Im totally stumped, please help!
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  1. I would try and keep the ram near stock speeds while you dig into your CPU's capabilities.

    Overclocking the ram before you have the CPU perimeters nailed down, adds another suspect to the list.
  2. Overclock just the CPU 1st, you play with the FSB, but the FSB will also effect CPU-NB, HTT, and RAM speeds, Try keeping the HTT at 2000mhz (I found I get a boost in Sony Vegas with it at 2600mhz) and keep the Ram at 1333mhz Stock, CPU-NB keep it at 2400mhz I thin is the stock.

    After you get a stable CPU overclock, I would play around with the CPU-NB, no point in going over 3000mhz CPU-NB if your ram is lower than 1800mhz, CPU-NB gave me a few more FPS in some games, If you adjust the voltage on it tho, watch the CPU temp, it will effect it the higher you go.
  3. Yeah, I'm not OCing CPU and Ram same time. Ram is 1600 stock, so that's where I'm leaving it. My point is that I can't get the CPU stable over 3.8ghz when all the OC reviews have no issues with at least 4.0 air cooled. At 3.8 I'm maxing out temp around 57c with prime. Ive tried to hit 4.0 and tho temps never go over 60c I'm having to raise CPU voltage to almost 1.5 volts even still it's not stable and I'm too scared to raise voltage any higher...

    I was able I get the system stable at CPU/ I3.6 Ram/1600 CPU/NB 2400 and HTT around 2100. With a good bit of volt increase across the board... Still seems that from what I've read I should be able to get a lot more out of the CPU and Ram. Funny thing, if I don't OC the CPU and just try to run the ram Anything over 1700 it's totally unstable at any voltage. That exact ram has been reviewed at reaching 1980mhz no problem... I'm wondering I'm having MB or PSU issues...
  4. Actually it makes me feel a little better to see this problem, as my 1075t did the same thing. I researched it until I was blue in the face and came to the conclusion that I could overclock to about 4.2 no problem. Well of course the best laid plans of mice and men... I hit half that. No matter what tinkering I do I cannot get a stable OC over 3.6 at any voltage without crashing after a few minutes of prime. It's truly maddening as I also have great cooling and never go above 52 degrees celcius on a 95 degree day (pardon the two different temp reading but I hope you know what I mean.) Keep in mind this is @3.6 so I still have a little overhead. I even bought much better ram to see if that was the problem, to no avail.

    In my opinion an 800 MHz OC is still pretty intense and definetly something to be proud of. Unfortunately even with that high of an overclock that proc is holding you back, even the lowly i3-2100 matches and sometimes beats the performance of the 1075. Of course I don't recommend switching over now, but simply when you're ready for an upgrade. If you don't beleive that it is holding you back check the benchmarks for your grfx card on Anandtech and you'll see their benches are much better, because their using Intel. It's an upsetting truth that I also had to face.

    I looked up your mobo and I'm wondering if your model is the 4+1 phase or 10+1 phase, if it's the 10+1 phase it's more than capable to handle what you're trying. Just to make sure though check your onboard temps and make sure your mosfets and bridges and chokes aren't overheating. If it's the 4+1 phase then you may not be able to divert enough power to OC it past 3.8(keep in mind your mobo is a little better than mine so I'm not surprised you can climb a little higher than me. Remember this is a 125 TDP proc so it requires a lot of power especially if you plan to OC. If you dont know simply count the suares next to the CPU socket.

    All in all, in my opinion, you've hit the threshold of your proc, again 800 MHz is nothing to sneeze at, especially since the AMD hexcores need a little OC to see good framerates. If this is not the case, you've hit the power threshold of your motherboard. Either way I would eventually make the switch to Intel because if you're going to start replacing parts you might as well replace them with parts that perform. The 2600K is STILL my recommendation to anyone asking.

    1075T OC @3.6
    Cooler Master Hyper N520
    Corsair Vengeance 8Gb @ 1600
    ASRock 970 Extreme 4
    Silverstone Raven RV-03
    Asus GTX 560 Ti TOP
    MSI Cyclone GTX 450 (physx)
    Cooler Master Silent Pro 600w
  5. I agree that Intel > AMD but the hexacore AMD's are still useful for multi-threaded applications. (I'm sure many of the quad core Phenom II's are still cost effective too.) I do a good amount of HD rendering and seriously doubt an i3 could keep up with my 1045t @ 3.4Ghz. (even if the i3 is as good or better at video games)

    Back on-topic. All chips are different. I have read that some 1045t's break over 4Ghz. My 1045t is apparently not one of them. With better cooling, the best I can do is probably 3.8-ish. 3.9 crashes with any voltage before heat even becomes an issue.
  6. Oh no doubt the hex core is better for HD rendering, I even do some rendering myself with let's plays and I'm still astounded at the speed in which it gets done.

    Yes I suppose we just got normal 1075t's and not the lucky ones that can hit 4+. Mine crashes before heat is even an issue also. 3.8 is surely not bad at all, and 3.6 is more than acceptable for me until I make the switch. I'm gonna be looking at the 2600k as the ivy bridge is not enough of an upgrade from sandy, and haswell is not worth the wait.

    For you if you're really not happy with the OC capabilities of the 1075T I would then recommend possibly the fx-8150, so you can have the OC headroom you want and the multi threaded power as well.

    Well whatever you decide to do, good luck!
  7. Try changing only your cpu speed and voltage, I have my Phenom II x6 1065t stock @ 2.9ghz, OC'd to 4.1ghz @ 1.5125v stable
  8. Weird I just noticed that CPUZ says I have a 1060t and that core temp says I have a 1065t. Why is CPUz showing the wrong chip? (It never used to do that)
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