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Hi guys,
Ive used this site to solve so many of my probs but have got stuck on one I cant solve so some help would be much appriciated. Am trying to set up RAID 0 on a Dell E520 but its onboard raid controller only supports mirroring and I would like stripe. So I brought a Jmicron JMB360 PCIE to SATAII adapter which supports RAID 0. Problem is the software that came with it does not work (device not found error) and I dont get a Option during boot to access the cards firmware. In fact the BIOS does not detect the card or any drives I plug into it. If have managed to get to floppy drivers from the disk for the XP install but cannot set up RAID 0 on the drives. Any help would be great, thanks in advance :)
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  1. my suggestion to this is to get as many drivers as you can find for this device and try them all when you are loading the driver in the windows PE screen. I had to go through 5-10 different drivers when I was setting my system up with Raid 0 before I found one driver that worked. if you have them all on a flash drive then it will make it easier than having to redo the insides of your computer to have to get more drivers. Check with the Card manufacturer to get the drivers for the Raid device.
  2. Thanks for swift reply. The drivers that came with the card work during xp installation and when windows asks which drive to install windows on they appear. But, as individual drives, not as a RAID array. I have not been able to set the HDDs up for RAID as the software that came with the PCIe card, once installed gives a device not found error, and during boot up there is no shortkey to enter the cards BIOS. There is a setting in my motherboard BIOS for turning RAID on and off but this is only for the onboard RAID controller so I leave it off. Setting up windows is no problem, its the setting up RAID I cant seem to do.
  3. What is the card that you got? What you gave me before was for the controler on the card, it also says that it only has one SATA II port on it. Thats what I could find anyway. How many sata connectors does it have?
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