Can a motherboard fry a power supply?

I have a weird problem and it's extremely annoying. I just went through 3 power supplies that went bad. When my computer boots up, at some point it displays the message "Verifying dmi pool data" and then it powers down. Then it never powers back up. I have a power supply tester. A good power supply gets all LEDs on on the tester. When I have the problem, only the 5VSB LED is on ( All I know it's 5 volt something). Basically meaning the power supply went bad.

A short history. The system has a RAID SCSI hard drive controller and, at the first time, it was going through a chkdisk (Windows) hard drive error repair process when it shut down. Since then every time I put a new power supply, I get the above message and then it shuts down and the power supply goes bad!!!

So my guess now is that either the motherboard or the controller is frying the power supply.
Any ideas?
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  1. The PSU is likely shorting out and turning off due to faulty installation. Take it to a shop or have someone who is familiar with the proper installation of a PSU help you. The MB is not a source of power in regards to powering the system's power supply and can not 'fry' the power supply.
  2. I know how to attach a PSU to a motherboard. Otherwise the MB wouldn't power up, go through through the usual BIOS boot and so on. There's only one way a PSU can connect to the MB's power connector (without force). I have a PSU tester as I mentioned. There's no sense to go to someone to check it. The PSU is done. I can smell it. His fee will be more than the cost of brand new PSU.

    Anyways it was the hd controller. When I pulled it out the problem stopped. Still, I can't imagine a controller can ruin a PSU.
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