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  1. A few comments for you to consider:

    I would drop the power supply down in size to a Corsair 750TX. This power supply still has plenty of power to handle two graphics cards in SLI if you decide to go that route in the future.

    You can actually get better performance with a P55 (i750 or i860) system than with a i920 / X58 system. And this is true whether you have one or two graphics cards in the system:,2403-4.html
    I would recommend a i750 processor ($150 Microcenter, or $200 Newegg) and a Gigabyte P55-UD4P motherboard ($170). Combine this with this Gskil RAM (2X2GB) DDR3 1333 ($69):
    This combination of CPU (i750), motherboard (P55-UD4P), and RAM costs $439, and will save you $371 over your original build.

    Take the $371 savings, and get two of the graphics cards you specified (GTX 275) and upgrade your hard drive to a Caviar Black. You will still have a little money left over.

    But what makes this build really great is that it will absolutely run circles around your original build at a lower cost.

    Good luck!
  2. MoBo -

    GFX - The 260 and 295 are the only two really viable cards atm. The other nvidia cards are topped by ATI 4xx equivalents or the 5770 5970 ..... See,2464.html

    Take this as a personal preference but to my mind the following combos are the way to go:

    If you may add a 2nd GFX card
    Antec 1200 w/ SG-850 or CP-850, the latter being an extreme bargain.
    CM HAF 952 w/ Corsair HX-750/850

    Single card systems
    Antec 900/902 w/ SG-650 / TP-650
    CM HAF 922 w/ HX-620 or TX

    Green drives save power but when speed matters, I'd go for the WD Black (2 TB Modle only) or any of the Seagate / Samsung drives w/ 500 GB (1 x 500, 2 x 500 or 3 x 500) platters depending on the size you want
  3. I'm for a build that is basically futureproof so would a socket 1366 mobo be a better idea? Can you tell me some better options for the money if i were to go with the i7 920?
  4. Intel will be coming out with i9 processors using the 1366 socket in 2010. However, that does not mean that the i9 processors will work in the old X58 motherboards. The northbridge chipset on the X58 motherboards is an old design. I suspect Intel will be releasing new motherboard chipsets with the new i9 processors, but we will have to wait and see.

    Very, very few people actually upgrade their Intel processors once they have built their system because Intel releases a new platform about every 18 months. The X58 platform is currently over one year old.
  5. Chr1stianh said:

    You can save $35 by going with the Combo at Newegg for the ASUS P6T Deluxe board & Dominator RAM you've linked. Here's the link to the combo. It comes in at $494.88 instead of the $530 you have above.

    I just order my parts tonight for my it 920 build, so I've shopped for a lot of the stuff you are. My budget was a little lower than yours though. I went with the Antec 900 Tower that was $59.99 after rebate, as well as the Antec 750 PSU at $79.99 after rebate.

    Oh, and if you're anywhere near a Microcenter, you can get the i7 920 for $199.99
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