SETUP for OVERCLOCK VS non OC. What to buy, prices

I'm about to build a new PC,
but my budget to get 'overclockable pieces' is not that much.
I guess I need some help :bounce:

- msi H77 (or Z77, is that +10€ worth anyway? I will not do crossfire in future..)
- i5 2500
- intel stock cooler,
- standard power that comes with the case (600W, as they say)

- msi Z77 (Z77A-G45, +30€, or is the G43 enough for OC? +10€) :whistle:
- i5 2500k (+10/15€)
- cool cooler!!! (+20/35€)
- 550W power non bronze/bronze (+40/60€)

Total, +80/140€

1) i need to know if i should put some of the 'OVERCLOCK SETUP' components also in the other setup anyway (ie the motherboard).
2) maybe there's a mid way setup, more cheap, to do overclock

Not saying OC is not worth it, just my budget cant go that high :/
Ty in advance guys!!!
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  1. Hujm.....just asking, if overclocking is worth the money!!! Semms like i have to add 100€, for tat money i could just get a better processor!
  2. Ah w/e....newcomerz dont get replyz :)
  3. Hi,

    The new 7x boards are definitely more expensive than their predecessors. Given that Ivy Bridge CPUs aren't really much of an improvement over SB, you'd be just fine getting a P67 board which can be had at slightly lower prices.

    The 2500k is, unfortunately, the cheapest unlocked CPU from Intel. I really don't like what Intel did this round but whatever.

    You might consider that route and get the aftermarket cooler later.
  4. Ah, ty, I aleady bought a new PC...some similar setu to the overclock one! Was just wondeing if overcocking a cu was worth e money spent or it
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