PC Is Spazzing right out


I've got a problem with my PC, It's going to be a decent size post so here goes:

First of all, It's newely formatted, "Yes its working properly, I have 100% confidence this is not the problem, It's windows 7, I "ONLY" have games on this PC.

It's a q9450 Cpu, 4gb of ram "Not sure, just random stuff but from my comp store, worked fine for a long time", a gigabyte mother board which has a green green yellow and red light showing, And a 9800gx2 graphics....

Ok It started off with blue screens of death, I either would be playing NBA 2K10 or on my desktop and after it seemed i had a couple of things going it would blue screen all the time, Sometimes after it blue screened it wouldn't even boot back, Just keep blue screening, So i decided to go into safemode, I deleted all graphics drivers and everything related to nvidia and rebooted..

From then everything is absalutely fine, But I couldn't play games, And the monitor / res screen had a big black border around it and the screen seemed low res / squished, I install graphics drivers from fresh download, Boom a little while later comp would freeze / mouse would go REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY slowely, and then give up and blue screen.

Okay, So now all of a sudden after leaving the computer a few days it randomly starts working again, I played NBA all day almost, everything was fine, Then boom Blue screen, I started getting problems with no source on my monitor, I swapped the DVI cable to the other slot on my graphics card, and it would work, It seems slot 1 won't work at all, But slot 2 would....

Ok, So next day Now I check and its no source at all on neither of them... gah..

Ok So I decided to check if it was the ram, I removed them all today, Treid 1 by 1, And everytime I turned the PC back on it wouldn't beep anymore, Just keep trying to "Load" And It still had no source on my monitor, stayed an amber orange colour, I plugged all ram back in, And still the same problem....

The Motherboard has green green yellow red light showing.

What the PC does is it boots up, Doesn't beep, It seems to get to the "desktop" *Based on time it takes* And then it turns off automatically, And then turns back on, And keeps continuing this over and over and over...

I think that's all the problems, I Don't think i forgot anything...
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  1. What are the BSOD error codes/driver files being reported?
    Will it boot into low res safe mode? Try some memory diagnostics from there.
    Do you know what the CPU/GPU temps where when it crashed?
    You could always try a fresh install of the OS or swap out the GPU as a last effort.
  2. When I was getting BSOD's the message was ""nvlddmkm.sys""

    I can't check ANYTHING at all now, I don't have any source on my monitor AT ALL, And My computer turns itself off after being on for like 1 minute and then turns itself back on again, And just repeats this until I turn the PC off.
  3. Pull teh video card and try a restart with just the memory, you should get a POST beep error code related to the video card. I cant tell you what that would be as I dont know what model motherboard you have but assuming its an Award BIOS, should be one long - two short. Could be different. I would drop in some other video card to test the Video as a source of failure.
  4. That link wont help me at all, I can't turn the PC on and keep it on....

    I accidently kept the gfx card unplugged a couple of hours ago, And it still didn't work, I dont think it has on board graphics? I'm not sure... But still No source...

    If its plugged in by the 2 cables then yeah, I tried that..
  5. What happens with just the motherboard, power supply, system speaker and CPU installed? pull the cables on everything else.
    Fans spin up?
    Any beeps?
  6. Leds work, Fans spin, No beeps, It sounds like it tries too......

    I haven't tried with just motherboard power supply, And CPU, As I'm not that great with PC's and don't know what to unplug.... Little scared of that haha
  7. Sorry for the double post, But I thought this site knew most things? I Hope someone can figure out what's exactly gone wrong with the PC
  8. In our defence, its not really about magically knowing what is wrong with your PC, rather its taking the required diagnostic steps in determining what the problem might be and empowering you to resolve it.
  9. Oh ok, I thought since it's def hardware it would be easy to think what the problem would be...

    I turn it on, It doesn't beep, I don't get any source on my monitor, It seems to load to the desktop "by the amount of time it takes" And then turns itself off and then back on and continues these steps until I turn the PC off.

    I really hope I can get it fixed, It's the only thing I have to relax and game on, My 360 red ringed twice now, And I've had 2 friends have big problems with ps3 and wii's So I don't want another console...

    All the machine had on it literally was games.. Gah
  10. Hi Mate,

    You wanna start completely fresh,

    1. Disconnect your hard drive, power(for hard) and ide/sata(hard drive) (you don't need this for a post)
    2. Disconnect any other cd drives etc.
    3. There should be a small lithium battery on your mothrboard about the size of a 10p piece, take it out.
    4. Use a flat screwdriver and touch it accoss the the contacts of the battery holder +/-,this will reset the bios.
    5. Take out all your memory sticks.
    6. Take out one of your graphics card, im assuming you have 2, make sure its in slot 1.
    7. Put one of your Ram sticks in the second slot away from your cpu.

    Now turn it on, hopefully you should get a post....!!

    If your not getting a post its one of 3 things.

    1. Most likely your card if so try the other one.
    2. Try another slot for your ram, the slot nearest the CPU, if not another stick
    3. If you have another CPU, try that, I doubt its the CPU

    Try that

  11. I removed the graphics card and tried it, And the computer still didn't beep and then just rebooted, I then tried taking all ram out, and then I put one of my 1gb sticks in the first slot and put my graphics card back in, The PC doesn't reboot anymore and it beeps whenever I turn the PC on "So can't be a problem with RAM I'm guessing"

    I couldn't get the battery out of it's slot...

    But te only problem I'm really having now, Is theres still no signal on my monitor... I've tried both DVI slots on my graphics card, I don't think I have on board video.....

    All the lights and fans etc work, Does that usually mean my Power supply is alright?

    Ok I Just looked inside of my PC and tbh Unless somethings blocking it, I can not see any lights on my motherboard anymore at all... no green green green red or what ever it was.......

    Hopefully I'm narrowing this down... -_- I want my PC back god damnit.... Only thing I have for gaming...

    P.S. I tried as much As i could with the above information, I didn't know hard drive stuff etc etc.... But surely with what I've given you its narrowed it down a lot ? :(


    Ffs, Ok.... I turned the PC off for 10 seconds, Turned it back on, And the green green green red lights on the motherboard came on, And I have signal on my monitor now, But it stops at the "starting windows" section now, And it seems as though my res is lower, And The motherboard lights seem to be off again now........

    So the update:

    using 1 stick of ram Unplugging what I can and plugging it back in now lets me get source on my monitor, Computer doesn't keep rebooting, But now it's stuck on Starting windows.......

    I'm under the impression when i turn it on the gfx card shows the blue and yellow lights, so that's good and normal, That should be working.....

    Psu should be working since it's got lights and everything showing....

    Motherboard - No idea

    RAM - Should be working? Computer beeps now ?

    P.S. I just rebooted again and now it's doing a startup repair........?
  12. After system restore, it seems to be hanging on starting windows again...... Could it be VERY VERY VERY slow because I've only got 1gb ram in it ? ...... I haven't got the other sticks of ram in the machine atm.....
  13. Anyone?? I thought Usually the more information you try and give, the better the chances of me getting help would be, It seem's nobody cares to read long posts... I might just give my computer to a proffessional to fix, No offence, I'm greatly appreciated of your help and replies, But waiting 2 days for each reply makes a very slow fix.
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