Can a digital sd card be repaired

i never thought i would say this, but, my dog began chewing on my sd card and my reader will not read it. these photos were for work and can it be recovered from a damaged sdhc card
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  1. Really unfortunate that dog chewed your SDHC Card.
    This would mean physical damage to media. I don't think that is repairable.
  2. im sure its possiable somehow somewhere. The question is how deep are your pockets and how important are they?

    Data Recovery from failed normal HDD's (they remove the magnetic platters and manually mount / read them) gets quite expensive.

    Here in australia general starting money is around $400

    for the SDHC, ur going to get VERY expensive VERY quickly as some very precise work (if even possible)

    Most people back away at the mention of the normal data recovery costs, let alone what your looking at.

    everything is possible its just cost. Im sure if it was some russian nuclear secrets the CIA would have it up and going again in no time.

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