Motherboard doesn't support RAID 0, should I buy a PCIe card?

Hi Guys,
I am struggling in vain to set up a RAID 0 array on my PC and am failing horribly. My motherboard is a standard Dell E521 and only supports RAID 1(Mirroring). So I brought a RAID adapter on Ebay (Cheap only about £5) and it will not work. The software for use within windows doesn't detect the card, and I dont get an option during bootup to set up a raid array either. It does work as appears in device manager and all drivers seem to be installed correctly. Also the disk I got with it did have the drivers for OS installation process, which I have tried and was the only time I managed to get my PC to realised the thing is actually plugged into it. But as I hadn't managed to set up the array it just showed two separate HDDs.

Is it worth getting another to save the agro? I know the decent ones are pricey and I wont be paying more than about £25 for one. Or perceiver with this one!?

Any help much appreciated :D
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  1. Why are you setting up a raid? There are better options now.
  2. im listening
  3. Good. But I can't suggest what you should do seeing as you failed to tell us why you think you need RAID. Without knowing what you want to accomplish, I can't suggest how to get there.
  4. A cost effective way of speeding up the hardware I already have. I like things to run seamlessly where possible.

    Dual Core Athlon64x2 5200
    2 x 500gb 7200rpm HDD's
    GeForce 7800 GTX KO edition (256mb)
    3gb DDR2 RAM

    Pretty standard really just like to keep it running sharp
  5. I always advise to NEVER put the OS on an AID0 array. When the array gets corrupted you'll have to reload everything. I realize your trying to spend a tiny amount of money to get a big leap in performance, but its not going to happen. Even if you get those drives AIDed, your CPU and GPU are so low end these days that they will hold everything back. You got a good net machine, but it will never be a good gamer with those specs.

    Edit: Forgot to mention. If you just want it feeling "sharp", then sell one of the 500GB drives and pony up some more money and buy an SSD. Put your OS on the SSD and it should feel sharper for day to day tasks.
  6. 1. Not all raid card are bootable (especially cheap one).

    2. Not all mobo support boot from raid card (especially OEM mobo with gimp bios).

    I think you have both.
  7. Ahhh yes, that too.
  8. Its cool, set it up on one now. When I get problems I don't seem to stop. Glad I did now though, so as to not waste much more of my time! Cheers guys :D
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