HELP!!!! gtx 295 and q6600 2.4 crappy performance!!!

Hi there, can anyone give some advice please.....

I have just bought zotac gtx 295,
Most games are nowhere near as smooth performance wise as reports say they should be.
Feel ive just wasted £350 :(

Eg... Left 4 dead 1+2 .... 80 - 90 fps when no zombies.... 30 - 40 fps when few zombie attacking
Modern warfare 1 + 2 and world at war .... mostly averages 35 - 50 fps
Unreal 3 .... not bad but some bigger maps drops to 40's fps
Borderlands .... shadows off 45 - 60, shadows on 35-40
Burnout paradise ... 45-55 fps
Bat man arkham asylum ... no phys 40-50 , with phys 30 ish
I try playing max settings, at 1680 x 1050 but even turning settings down doesnt help much (only by few fps)

Many more games the same
(Even bioshock struggles sometimes when its chaotic)
Some games work great (capcom games best ...devil may cry, streetfighter 4, resident evil)

The 295 should wipe the floor with these games surely?

I have latest drivers (also tried older ones)
My psu is More than enough 850w - 12v rails ok

Is something bottlenecking?

Here my specs..
Zotac gtx 295
Q6600 stock 2.4
4 gb 667 ram (2 x 2gb) (333.4 mhz frequency)
7200 500 gb hard drive x 2
850w psu
asus pk5pl mobo

Many thanks
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  1. you are probably being botlenecked by your CPU clock a bit. Try overclocking to around 3ghz if you have an aftermarket cooler.
  2. Im not too confident at overclocking stuff, wouldnt know where to start with aftermarket cooler.

    Ive read elsewhere on multiple place that a clock speed q6600 should be fine with a gtx 295.

    Could getting faster ram help?
  3. First of all i'd check for heat issues. On the card. its a pretty hot card and needs some serius ventilation
  4. temps are pretty good, 48 ish idle ..... 68 ish high
  5. Q6600 is really a bottleneck for the GTX295. Q6600 is first line of Intel Quads which did not make it big as much as Intel expected.
  6. What version of windows are you using and is it a clean install?
  7. i use vista home basic, i also have dual boot and a fresh vista premium on the otherhard drive, problems are same on both.
  8. If i upgraded my processor, what would u recommend i put in a p5kpl?
  9. Changing now would mean, changing mobo, proccy and RAM. You ready for it?
  10. can i not just put a faster processor in my p5kpl?
    or is the q6600 the max?

    Thanks for your help people ;)
  11. Well you can, but since the current quads and core 2 duo are almost fading away into oblivion, its not a wise buy. Better is OC'ing then, or get the Core i5 and i7 which would mean, new mobo, new RAM (DDR3).
  12. can you recommend a motherboard and ram,
    where good store online for good prices?
    I dont want to spend enormous amounts, just enough to get better performance
  13. Where are you from?
  14. manchester
  15. Have you run TechPowerUp GPU-Z to confirm that nVIDIA SLI mode is enabled?
  16. Red side or Blue side? :D

    I don't know much about UK shops coz i am not from UK, but you can check this website:
  17. lol, blue side ;)

    'ko88' ---- yeah sli is enabled
  18. Oh man... i am the red side fan! Anyways Man City is doing great this have to admit! :)
    We won the derby this year after a long time!

    Check out the prices and see what fits...
  19. ok, many thanks for the help everyone....
    gonna have a read into overclocking my q6600.
    if no sucess il spend some cash on a mobo, pro, ram combo

    again cheers fellas ;)
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