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Came down this morning to a computer that does not boot up. One long beep, three short beeps from my ASUS p5B Deluxe board. As near as I can tell, this is some sort of video error.

My question is, is this typically the card or the board? I tried the card in another slot on the same machine and still got the error, does that point towards one or the other?

I should thank you all also as I built this (my 1st built PC) three years ago and was quite the novice so this still might be a novice question but I've had three great years thanks to your expertise!!!
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  1. Thanks! Yes I know one long beep and three short beeps means video card issue. My quesiton is, based on the fact that I received the message trying to re-seat the card in two different slots, is it likely it is the card or the board...or is there no way of knowing without trying the card in another machine (which is not possible to do here)...
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    It is more likely that the card failed than the board.
  3. thanks! I'll order and try one first. Weird out of nowhere and the fan on the card is still running but I suppose that doesn't mean anything. Worst case scenario it's a new board but it a socket 775 so I can get one fairly inexpensive. Thanks for the help!
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