Upgrade or wait ? - budget $550 - $650

Hi guys,

Im currently gaming on the ff:

Thermalright 90
Abit IP35-E
2x1GB Geil DDR2 800
Powercolor 4770
Hec Win 550W
Antec Lanboy
Samsung 226bw (22in)

Been using it since 2007, and it can try to stand up to the current games, well I think it can. Until I see some stuttering here and there. With my limited budget, I did a quick canvas and narrowed down to 2 upgrade paths:

1. Core I5 Rig
Core I5
Asrock P55 Pro
OCZ ModXstream 600W
4GB OCZ Obsidian DDR3 1600
Lancool K56
Total of roughly around $620++

2. X4 620 Rig
X4 620
DFI Blood Iron 785
OCZ ModXstream 600W
4GB OCZ Obsidian DDR3 1600
Lancool K56
Total around $550++,

Now, I did not add a video card since I believe that the 4770 still has the power if combo'd with a good cpu. I am really leaning towards upgrading for the long run, I also plan to OC both rigs moderately to around 3gHz core if needed or if there is a performance increase. I am also upgrading the casing since my lanboy is pretty much beatup.

So here are my questons:
1. Which of the 2 rigs will last a bit longer for gaming?
2. Should I upgrade the video card as well? sell the 4770 and get a 260/5770?
3. Will my current 550w psu be ok enough for a corei5/x4 620?
3. Wait till prices drop furthermore?

Also, since I live outside the US(philippines) and I have no CC to use for online transactions for sites like newegg etc. Prices difference will be around $10-$20 variance.

Thanks in advance, I'd really like to hear opinions before deciding what to do. Right now im learning towards the X4 620, but I think the core I5 will last longer and has less power consumption.
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  1. 1. i5 will definitely last you longer if you have no plans on upgrading. There isn't much much headroom to upgrade in the future with a 1156 board, whereas AM3 does have that option. I mention this because if you plan on upgrading in 2 years again, you should invest in a solid mobo and build up from there. If you aren't upgrading/getting a new rig again in 2 years, just get an i5. With a solid cpu cooler, you can hit 3.8+ easily.

    2. I wouldn't buy a 5770 for games unless you plan on XFing in the future. 4770 isn't bad for your budget/rig at the moment. If you really want the extra performance, you'll probably notice a difference with a 4870/90. Obviously a 5850 if you can afford it. Also depends on your resolution.

    3. A good 550w psu is enough for an i5/x4 620, but I don't really know anything about Hec win psus. I would just get the OCZ you listed to be on the save side or a corsair if they aren't too expensive in the PI.

    4. Depends on when you want to upgrade or buy another rig again. As I stated, with an i5... you could probably milk it for 4 yrs, adding a cpu cooler down the line and getting a better video card. Not to say that an x4 620 can't hold its own. But gaming isn't its strength and marketing purpose; its an entry-level quad-core. But yeah, you could easily swap it with with a 955 in a year or when you see fit.

    Personally, I'd go with an i5. Pick up a good cpu cooler when money allows and upgrade to a better video card down the line.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions vznoobie12, I actually held of the upgrade for a day, and consider my options.
  3. A2X4 620 for a gaming rig of course when on a budget

    If any of these benchmarks are representative of the overall gaming experience, then what it comes down to is the simple fact that saving $100 on a ninety nine dollar CPU and spending the savings on a higher-end graphics card is pprobably the best investment to get more out of a game.

    Negative on DFI 785G for budget AM3/DDR3 set up - its $100 on Egg when this Gigabyte 770T-UD3P is a proven low cost OC/unlock mobo
    I would go A2X4 620 + readily available 770 AM3/DDR3 and hit a GTX 260/HD 4870 a.s.a.p for instant gains in games ^^
  4. hmm interesting batcuhka.
  5. If i had my way i would just hit A2X4 620 clock it and hit a HD 5850 for bang for buck gaming rig hehe
  6. Better than GTX 285

    Power Consumption around GTX 260!
  7. batuchka, been reading lots of good reviews on the x4 620, most of them recommending it, especially since its a good overclocker.

    I wasn't able to find the motherboard you mentioned, but there another gigabyte board I found with my budget.

    Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H AMD 785G, my friend is using this and he get his x4 620 running @ 3.2 (http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=854276) not the best oc, and could probably do more but 3.2ghz would be sufficient with a good card (4870/260/5850).

    Going the gigabyte route actually saves me $40, which I can add to my funds if I sell my 4770.
  8. oh I also saw this:

    MSI 785GT-E63, thoughts anyone? it has SB710. DDR2 though. but not sure of an impact that will make vs ddr3.
  9. Get the MSI 770-C45 if Gigabyte 770T-UD3P N.A - just as good a clocker hehe
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