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It's frustrating trying to find an ATX desktop case that doesn't have a hard drive rack that blocks my video card (Radeon HD 5870). I'm looking for a desktop (horizontal) case with at least one external 5.25" bay (prefer two), one external 3.5" bay, and 3 internal 3.5" bays. Don't really want an HTPC case, but I'd settle for one if I have to. Suggestions, please?

Edit: And it'd need some good airflow, obviously.
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  1. Are you're choices limited on horizontal type cases?. If not may I suggest on looking at some full tower cases which can fit your 5870 easily.

    CM Haf 932

    Antec 1200

    Also some mid tower cases can fit the 5870.

    CM 690 II

    EDIT: Did a bit of googling and found this
  2. Thanks for the links, but I'm specifically looking for a desktop case.
  3. Turn a tower case on it's side.
  4. You won't find a great deal of horizontal desktop cases outside of HTPCs and they'll struggle to either accomodate or cool a 5870.
  5. Recently I looked at horizontal desktop cases. I found there isn't much of a selection and they are not designed for extra long video cards. There is one but it is expensive. It's the Qmicra version 2E from PC Design Lab:


    Here is a link to a video review of the case:


    Note - The case is designed for a micro-atx motherboard. The case in the video clip is a mod done by monstermawd. Stock case is all black without the top panel blowhole.
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