What graphics card works with HD3300 in crossfire?

I have the following board MSI 790GX-G65 AM3 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD And want to improve the graphics what cards do i have the option of using in conjunction with the HD3300 Thanks
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  1. IGPs are weak and you shouldn't try to save money with hybrid crossfire, it's simply not worth it. Just get a good discrete card and don't worry about it.
  2. I do agree with that, but being around christmas and strapped for cash yet wanted a new systems i had to be flexible somewhere, however i have around £55 at the moment for a card are there any in that range that are worth buying?
  3. An HD4670 is a pretty good card on a budget. It should allow you to play pretty much any game on medium to high settings at low resolutions(1280x1024 and below)
  4. Only some older 3xxx cards and i think the 2900xt will work in hybrid crossfire with the IGP. The truth is though, that obtaining any of those cards would probably be a similar price to the 4670 mentioned, and would only be a dissappointing set up. The only people who should use hybrid xfire are non-gamers with a spare card lying around that happens to one of those that works. It just isn't worth it otherwise, especially if you are a gamer.
  5. Why isn't it worth it?
  6. Because the cards that can use it are weak and not worth buying for gaming purposes. For nongaming purposes the IGP on its own should be fine.
  7. Because getting an old hd 3450 or hd 2400 pro/xt to hybrid crossfire yields less performance than getting a newer lower end card like the 4650 for gaming.
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