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Bandwidth speed

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Last response: in Networking
November 26, 2009 7:12:09 PM

I have a internet connection via cable... how do I find out my bandwidth for the network?

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November 27, 2009 2:26:55 AM

Look for one of the many broadband speed testing sites -- you should do several tests at typical times of use and then average the results.

Bear in mind that the speeds advertised by suppliers is always stated as "up to -- x megabits per second" and with cable, speed will drop when more people are on the same cable as you -- performance may vary at different times of day as a result.
December 28, 2009 3:48:42 PM

If you're lucky, your ISP will declare bankruptcy then get better..

I'm using Charter Comm and they use to suck VERY badly. Talking about 2mbit line getting 0.9mbit and 120ms trace routes to google with minor packetloss during peak.

Just a few months after declaring bankruptcy they gave a free upgrade from 768kbit/2mbit line to 2mbit/5mbit.

Now I get 30ms pings to New York and Los Angeles during peak and I'm getting 2.1mbit up 5.1mbit down and recently added 20mbit burst and I get said speeds on actual speed tests. Almost no fluctuation speed.

Downloading large files will show as ~14mbit with *lots* of spiking up to 18-20mbit for ~10 seconds, then levels off at 5mbit. This doesn't even affect my games.

5 years of crap service and suddenly awesome service. hmmm...