How do dual/quad cores compare?

I have just gotten my first computer that doesn't have a single core. It's an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz CPU. One thing I don't quite yet understand is how do quad cores compare to dual cores of equal Ghz? "Can You Run It?" rated my quad core at 5.126Ghz, but what does that mean, exactly? Thanks!
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  1. Your CPU is rated at 2.33ghz period. 4 cores applies for better multitasking (doing more things at once) and programs that are multi-core optimized will also benefit.

    As for gaming, same thing. Games that are optimized for 4 cores will see a 2.33ghz quad core perform better than a 2.33ghz dual. However if the game is only dual core optimized both CPUs will perform the same.
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    ^ +1 A dual core is just two processors running at 2.33GHz, and a quad core is 4 of them at the same speed. If an app you are using is single threaded only, it will only use a single core, so the program would perform just like a single core 2.33GHz processor. Everything beyond that depends on the optimization of the software, and its requirements. Quad cores make a huge difference where multitasking and multithreaded apps are concerned. I would completely ignore the "Can you run it?" score, it doesn't make sense to take additional cores and model them as additional GHz with the way processors are today.
  3. The q8200 is a solid cpu with a little overclock. Should look into it if it holds ya back. :)
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