CPU cooler for setup with highprofile ram

Ok, so I need a CPU cooler for my 2600k.

Setup is(bought most used, and ya i know 16gb ram is overkill:

Sabertooth p67 rev 3
16 gb corsair dominator ram (high profile)
570 direct cu ii

Anyway, need to get a CPU cooler, has to be reasonable quiet and be able to cool enough for 4.5GHZ. I'm mostly looking at h70/h80/h100 and buying aftermarket fans to make them run more quiet, however this turns out to be pretty expensive, any alternatives?

Noctua n14 wont fit cause of the ram :/
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  1. Yeah, since it is high profile I would grab a water cooler. I have heard great things about the H80. :)
  2. thermalright archon maybe suit for your need..
    this heatsink designed for who using highprofile memory..

  3. Alright, any idea how it does compared to h100 with aftermarket fans? both cooling and noise wise.
  4. well..among the konvensional air cooler, there's no one can beat h100 (in full load and overclocked condition)..

    i cant find direct comparison between h100 and archon.

    but archon performance is beetween h100 and nhd 14.
    archon slightly better than ndh14 by a few degrees..

    one of the biggest air cooling in the market..
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