Taskbar and icons dont load on boot up

Hello, I am having this problem since i updated my drivers with iolo system mechanic i uninstalled using task manager and browsing for the uninstall i already typed in explorer.exe on run ran several scans with spybot and with iobit malware scan didnt work. Tried to run malware bytes antimalware it told me i couldnt run it it said something about runtime error 372 and i cant even right click on the desktop please someone help me :( my computer is an 3200+ AMD ATHLON processor 2.0 958 MB RAM 160 GB HARDrive with Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3
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  1. sounds like iolo system mechanic corrupted your windows. time for a fresh install.
  2. :pfff: I want to do that the thing is they never gave the operating system cd or the winn32.exe thingy to install it again can there be another solution :(
  3. who is "they" ? if the manufacturer of the pc did not include system restore discs you should have a system restore partition on the hard disk to do a factory restore. Please consult the manual or the manufacturer's website on how to do this. You can also order system restore discs from the manufacturer as well.
  4. Actually the pc manufacturer did not give me the windows xp professional cd or restore discs i tried system restore but it freezes on me I want to reinstall windows xp but i donot have the cd for windows xp professional
  5. iolo system mechanic < stay away from this product it's known to cause plenty of issues,forum members like nhasian , will be glad to assist you.
  6. yah i have a question can there be any other way to bring back my taskbar and my icons because i can still see them when i browse something on task manager
  7. thank you :)
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