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I would like to build a Gaming PC that can run SIMS 3 effortlessly and still be able to run other minor tasks. On the Machine my daughter currently uses to play the game it lags. I have not done any gaming for years so I am currently out of touch with what hardware would suffice. Any help while I am researching would be appreciated. KSK_Beast
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  1. What is your daughter's PC? We might be able to recommend an upgrade to help out...

    For options on builds, you can look at my Recommended Builds sticky in my signature for build options. For your needs, you would be good to go with either my bargain or budget builds.
  2. Do u plan to reuse any existing hardware or start totally from scratch i.e require OS/LCD yada yada Have a budget in mind?
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    Here is a sample sub $600 all in 1280 x 1024 or 1440 x 900 gaming rig for ref hehe
  4. Didnt even know they still made sims games,except for phones, interesting
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