im having windows 7, n i want to install xp sp3, but i dont hav bootable disk of sp3, when i run cd frm my computer, it is unable to install xp bcoz of it is lower version than the current 1, is ther any way by which i can install sp3 without a bootable disk ???? :( :sarcastic:
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  1. 1) you need a bootable WIndows XP CD to install windows.
    2) If you have Windows 7 now, why would you want to install an 11 year old operating system on your computer?
  2. the hardware is not gud enough for the windows 7, it is making the processes slower,thats why i wana install xp, i had a bootable disk but at the time of installation it was showing the msg u dont hav hardisk,make sure it is connected,
    thats why i moved towards windows 7 !
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