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Hi all,
I am looking at getting the antec 902 but i would want to fit a third fan at the top front any ideas on how to do this.

I have contacted antec and asked if they can sell a hdd cage for the 902 but there has been no reply, i have googles it for days and still not found anything only other companys or universal ans they would look different.

I will be getting a usb 2.0 optical drive so no worrys about where i will be putting the optical drive.

Just need to know if any one knows where to get another hdd cage from with fan or if there is another way around this.

Thanks all
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  1. You can always go to the antec online store and buy it. Here is the site : They also sell the fans here.
  2. bsoon_tan,
    Thankyou very much for the link i did not see the little online store right at the bottom of the page.

    I have found
  3. sorry, i have found the item i need.

    thanks again
  4. no prob. your welcome.
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