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I was curious would it be an overkill to buy a dual video card (ex. 5970) on a single monitor screen, its a 19 inch monitor, my desktop resolution is 1360x768, i think the highest resolution i can go in my games is 1280x bysomething.

Or would an factory overclocked 5870 do just fine for like 2 or 3 years? Would I see a performance difference from the dual video card to the single video card on these resolutions?

Thank you for all your help
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    Well we can't predict that, i mean look at the 8800 GTX, its 3 years later and at your resolution its still maxing out most (if not all) games.

    We can't say if it will, if we follow the pattern that has led up till now, by which gaming hasn't really evolved in terms of graphics, ppl are just recycling engines, then yes the card will last you a very long time.

    At your resolution I would prob say its more cost effective to grab a 5870 or a 5850, I would say it could do you just the same since CPU bottlenecking will kick in at that resolution, unlesss you have an i7.

    I think go for a 5850 or 5870, i think I can pretty much say that it can give you atleast 1 year with games maxed out and 2-3 (if gaming evolves) with lowering the game settings.
  2. oh ok, well thank you very much, gonna pick up an overclocked 5870 after Xmas.

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