Which Chipset:? H55 P55 H57 or Q57?

Hey.. i have always had AMD processors, but i want to upgrade to something nicer and i figured i would go 1366 'cause of triple channel and HT by the end of the year... currently i have a quad-core, 2.3ghz phenom x4 9650, which i find really slow and i want to go for a higher clock right now, even if it's a dual core only, as i could only overclock my 9650 to 2.7ghz. i was thinking about the i5-670 (3.46ghz, 4mb l3, dual core w/ HT) but what the heck am i supposed to do about the chipsets? all 4 of them are compatible??? amd is much simpler ^^

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  1. LGA1366 i7 9** cpus required the X58 chipset. only the i7 8** and i7 7** CPU's use the P55 chipset and its derivatives.
  2. as i said, i will buy the 1366 by the end of the year... for now i want to know about the aforementioned i5
  3. core i5 dual core will work in any of the chipsets with q57 in question
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    The i5-6xx CPU can run on the P55 chipset if you are not going to use the integrated graphics, or on the H55/H57/Q57 if you are going to use the integrated graphics. The H55 is a cheaper consumer version; the H57 is essentially H55 + RAID and a couple of extra USB ports. Q57 is for business users.
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