Antec P280 and Noctua heat sinks

Anyone have an Antec P280 case with one of these heat sinks installed?

I've got the case, and I am trying to estimate the thickness of the motherboard (I don't want to remove the mobo from its packaging yet, and risk damaging it before I am ready to build), + the stand-off width + the height of the cooler (158mm or ~6.2") and it seems like it would be real close. That case is nearly 9" wide, but a good inch of that is behind the mobo tray (lots of room to route cables), so I am a little nervous about ordering one of those coolers if it is going to "just fit", as I don't want the ends of the heat pipes to touch the inside of the case side panel. If anyone has this case with either cooler installed, it would be reassuring to know that I would have at least a mm or two to spare.

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3

CPU: i7-2600K
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  1. 160mm/(25.4mm/in) = 6.4 inches
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