Storage Solution for fast Gaming PC! plzzzzzzz help

If you'd "been there done that", first i know this will sound confusing but just from your own experience, what do you think is future hassle and headache free?

The best idea for safer but best FAST GAMING PC solution setup here:

1. ----- 4 x 60gb in Raid 0

2. -----120gb capacity for Primary Storage (windows7, files, pictures), Secondary Storage will be 3 x 60gb SSD in Raid 0 for games and application programs

Im not really familiar with Raid levels (raid1,5,10,60 etc) yet but i can google it and figure that out next.

So thank you guys! i'll repay you with my Benchmarks Results!!! :bounce:
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  1. They are both future hassle.
  2. I would say get 1 SSD for the OS and one for the games and the an ordinary 2TB HDD for the rest like storage.
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  4. I wasn't actually sure if i can get a primary like for OS and 3xRaid0 for an independent single drive for Gaming/Applications. So basically to do that its just like adding an addition drive connected to your sata3 cable but instead its in a series working as raid0?!

    is it possible to have: 120gb primary + 3 x 60gb in Raid0 + hybrid/HDD i have to connect the primary and secondary in two different slots in the motherboard?

    the idea here is so that i can reformat my Raid0 every 4-6 months and move all the files around btw independent that even my Raid0 slows down due to Trim disable when you do raid0 i could get the full potential write/read speed back, correct me if i'm wrong?!

    Or am i better of with RAID0 Controller adapter to support Trim?...more money, more problem = more hassle???!!
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