CPU overheating, memory problems, could it be a motherboard problem?

Hello everyone!

I searched everywhere on the internet, but I couldn't find a solution exactly for my problem and I don't want to buy a new motherboard unnecessarily, so I thought I'd ask you guys first, I read many good things here before.

I have an ASUS P5B mobo, ATI Radeon 4980 vga, a new and working 500W PSU, and I had an Intel Dual-Core 3,4ghz processor and 2 gb (1+1) ddr2, 800mhz Kingston RAMs. I wanted to power up my computer with an E7600 cpu and +2 gb memory (ddr2, 800mhz, Kingston - exactly the same). Never used overclocking.

Problems started when I installed Win7 2 months ago, went everything okay for a month maybe, until it started to slow down, cpu and memory usage went high after a time. I thought it's a driver or an overheating problem. I had the latest drivers, installed the latest BIOS and I kept the temperature at 30-40 celsius for my hard drives and low for the vga too.
It's my birthday, so I thought I'd surprise myself and improve my comp's performance with the new cpu and the + memory, I hoped it will solve the problems, if it's maybe related to cpu overheating.
Before I ordered the new things, my cpu fan broke and I replaced it with an other 1 until the new cpu came. That's when an overheating happened first, the PC started to shut itself down immedately after I turned it on, although the fan worked fine. I replaced it though, and after that everything worked ok, but I checked in the BIOS and the cpu's temp was a bit high.
I used this for 2-3 days then the new stuff came. I replaced the cpu, put on the new fan properly and inserted the 2 new 1 gb memories. I turned the PC on, it froze at the BIOS screen. I pulled out 1 gb RAM, it went forward (I tried every slot, every memories, tried to enable the memory mapping, it didn't work once with all of the memories inside), but detected an unknown CPU, it said I need to update the BIOS (which I did last week). I tried to start up Win7, but after the loading screen, I got a BCoD and the PC restarted itself (tried it with the original 2gb RAMs too - same result).
I replaced everything as it was before (cpu, fan, RAM), but when I wanted to turn the PC on, it shut itself down after 1-2 seconds, no beeps, nothing on the monitor. I checked the cpu, it was HOT, almost burned myself with it... I checked the fan, it was properly on it, I tried to replace it several times, tried to reset BIOS with the battery, but nothing worked. Now I'm here with a new cpu, new RAMs, but can't even start up my PC as it was before.
My motherboard had a problem with the onboard sound device too for a long time now, but I didn't want to replace that too, only the recording wasn't fine (I installed the latest drivers).

I would welcome any opinions.

Thanks in advance,

UPDATE: Now the PC is not shutting down by itself with the old setup, but there's no beep sound, no video, nothing, only the hardwares are working (including the fans). I don't want anything to happen to the new stuff, so I wouldn't want to try the new setup out until I know what's wrong.
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  1. I assume you used a thermal paste, hopefully Arctic Silver 5? Make sure you have a good coat on the CPU, but not too thick as it can lessen it's effectiveness, just about the thickness of a sheet of printer papper but you shouldn't be able to see through it, you don't want to beable to see the top of the chip after you smooth it on. Also, try a different PSU, even if you have to buy a new one. I've seen all kinds of strange things happen with a PSU that's going out. PS. doesn't sound like a RAM issue, if it was the RAM, it would just "BEEP" at you during POST and it would cause it to just shutdown, the fans will run but it'd just beep if the RAM was bad... Hope this helps some, it does sound like a overheated CPU to me.
  2. Just saw your update. Try a new, or different PSU, the new CPU and re-seat the RAM in the slots and give it a try. This part suck for every builder cause no one want to fry a chip or board but it's part of ruling things out of the equation. One thing I just thought of, make sure your CPU fan is plugged into the CPU fan header. Even if it's a three pin plug it will work with a four pin header, it should just sit to one side or the other on the header with one unused pin on one side. I know I know, but I've seen people get in a hurry and plug it into a case fan header before. Hope it helps!
  3. Thank you for your replies and that you read through that whole mess :)
    I tried a different PSU and the other things you adviced too with no success unfortunately and it's a four pinned plug, so I normally put it on the four pin header, but thank you :)
    I already ordered the new mobo (an IT friend adviced it), I'll get it tomorrow, I hope that will solve the problems. I'll update if it worked or not, I sure hope it will, though... If it won't, then I'm really stuck.
  4. Everything worked out with a new Gigabyte mobo. Thanks for the help though, it seems it got fried somehow or it was simply old :)
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