Please Advise, is this "automatic overclock safe" ?

Hi everyone ..

and thanks for reading ,

Okay so I just finished building my new gaming pc, and I wanted to overclock..

I went into the bios for my MSI Z77A-G45 Mobo, there were 2 options , one were i manually could adjust the multiplier etc.

and there was something called "OC Genie II" , I believe it is the mobothat overclock the cpu to what it believes is the "recommended" amount. so I tried it and it overclocked my i5 3570k to 4.2ghz , I saved and rebooted and when i enter my bios now, it does show Stock at 3.4 , and current at 4.2ghz , so i believe it has overclocked it straight away to 4.2 , is this reliable ? I have yet to install games etc , so all I have been able to monitor is I guess idle or like a bit of activity, which shows at 34-40c on all 4 cores.

I guess its Prime95 I use to test 100% load temperatures?

If anyone can direct me to a link where I can see what steps i need to do, I would really appreciate it.

Also I have a Sapphire AMD 7870 gpu, which i believe i can overclock in the ati center, to do that I need to increase by just 05-10mhz each time and thenreboot and check temperature using GPU-Z ? what program do i need to get to check tempratures at full load? other than opening a game, as I yet have to download/install my games.

Sorry for this long post, I wil really appreciate your guys' help.
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  1. I've got an MSI Z68A-GD80 with OC Genie II as well. My personal feeling is yes, it's safe, BUT....

    OC Genie jacks all system voltages up to max or near max which is completely unecessary at 4.2GHz. It even jacks up things like the system agent and RAM which is completely superflous. So, will the system be stable? Sure, but it's also being overfed by a wide margin. This all makes sense when you stop and consider that what's happening is that a blanket set of custom BIOS settings is being applied with zero consideration to what chip is sitting in the socket. So, pressing that button has to work with whatever might be in there and the only way to make sure that's the case is to set everying to max.

    See this article from Tom's which does an excellant job covering the nitty gritty...,3048.html
  2. 87ninefiveone said:
    I've got an MSI Z68A-GD80 with OC Genie II as well. My personal feeling is yes, it's safe, BUT....

    ahh okay I get it now, i see what you mean, what I thought was that the bios kind of reads what chip is in it and like adjust it, but after i read through the link u posted that OC genie clocks everything the same, and I think 1.35volt is too much for Ivy Bridge?

    I read somewhere that it is very different overclocking the i5 3570k from the 2500k regarding the volts etc.

    have you got any links to a step by step guideon overclocking an i5 3570k ? or any other ivy bridge ( I assume it will be the same?)

  3. As far as I know Ivy and Sandy OC about the same. The general rule of 1.35V max on the CPU and 1.65V max on the RAM still applies. That said, 1.35V is usually enough to get an i5 2500K up to around 4.6GHz or greater (chip dependant usually), since Ivy is a different design it may or may not achieve the same results, but I would guess it will be in the same general neighborhood.

    Here's a good link to start with.

    EDIT: Don't pay attention to me. Read the article. I'm completely wrong about voltages and IB.
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