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Error 0x8007045d i/o device error on network drive

I have a 2TB drive that I use for backup which is connected to my router/network. Runnig Win 7 pro 64 bit on an HP i7 laptop. Some files can be deleted but many can't and the ones that are able to be deleted, you can't just delete the folder, you must open each and every folder, delete the individual files and then you're able to delete that folder but you never delete the whole tree, unles you do it folder by folder. Tried changing permissions but keep getting the message "access denied". I am the administrator, so I should have full permission to do everything but I don't.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Follow the steps stated below to solve the problem:

    · Run Checkdsk
    · Disable Security Services
    · Cleanout Debris Files
    · Shrink Disk Volume
    To fix error 0x8007045D many experts recommend using a good System Utilities software. It not only fixes errors in your system but also enhances the stability of your PC. The most important feature of such a software is the Registry cleaning power.

    I also got some help from this article to fix Error 0x8007045D
    Hope it fix your problem.
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