Sapphire x1650 pro pci-e probs

Hello there. I have ventured here in the hope that someone can help with a tech prob regarding a ...
sapphire x1650 pro 512MB DDR2 PCI-E DUAL ...
card i recently purchased 2nd hand. I know the seller vaguely, however do not believe that I have been sold a duffer.
The problem is that I cannot get Vista to recognise the card.
I have plugged it into the pci slot - and pushed it in till it clicked. I have sourced a driver for it, as it came with no disk. When I boot the bloody machine up, it doesn't say "new hardware " or owt like it. Just nothing. I asked it to search for recently installed stuff, and it came back saying that it had found a ..
ATI Unified AV Stream Driver.
I have gone into BIOS and put the PCI-E as the main display, and plugged the monitor into the slot on the graphic card - no signal on monitor.
Somebody please help !!!
I (you may have already guessed) am no whizz at these things !
I am using Vista 32, er not sure of anything else. I thought this would be simple. How foolish am I?
Thank you in advance for your help and pity !!!
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  1. If you go into the display settings in Vista, does it say the adapter is installed. Also, is there a grayed out monitor next to your active display? This maybe the output of your video card. I know sometimes you have to enable this and select it as the Primary within Windows. The BIOS settings usually do not effect what the settings are in the OS.
  2. Nope - no trace on display settings. No sign of a greyed out monitor. When the machine said it had found the card as the ati unified av stream, it had placed it in the sounds, video and game controllers section on device manager.
  3. Are you hooked up to the ATI Card? As in... are you getting a display from it at all? Or are you using your on-board or another video card?

    If you have two video cards installed (uninstall the first one & it's driver)

    2nd. Go here and install the CCC Driver ATI Catalyst™ Legacy Display Driver for Windows Vista 32-bit
  4. I have the ati card inserted in the pci slot - there are no other cards present, just the onboard graphics. When i try to plug the monitor into the output from the ati card, i get no signal. I have downloaded the ati catalyst, however i have no recognised card to run it on, if you know what i mean!
    Also, the ati catalyst driver i downloaded says it has a fault on it - there is a little symbol on the icon - if that makes sense.
    I will download the file on the above link just to make sure.
    Thanks for all the help so far guys. Much appreciated.
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