How to remove the front of a HP Pavillion 8575c

We are trying to add memory to our HP computer, but the CD/DVD drives are in the way. We know we have to slide them out of the front of the computer, but we're having a hard time getting it done, because we can't get the cover off. We have the six tabs pushed in/out, but the front cover still won't budge. What else can we do?
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  1. canadian69 said:

    Hi Canadian69,
    I appreciate the trouble you went through to find the instructions for me, but I had already found the exact same thing. For some reason, my computer's inside configuration is very different from the one the HP manual depicts for my model number. Go figure... I've handed this computer down to my 12 year-old to use just for his computer games, so if we don't get it done, no big deal. (Not to me anyway.) We still have my new computer to use. I don't know why this HP is different from the one in the manual, but thanks for your help anyway.
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