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After having my standard Inspiron 530S for just 1-1/2 yrs. apparently the integrated video card went bad. Is this possible after so short a time? I spent $50 to talk to the Dell tech who said it needs to be replaced by me with their help over the phone. I do not use it for video games or high tech and they said it probably was overheated. Since it was new the fan has made a very loud roar upon starting . Is this normal? The tech said it was for this model. Please help!
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  1. If your PC is out of warranty, I wouldn't waste any time or money with Dell support. I've talked to them to get warranty parts and they make go through their troubleshooting, which is HORRIBLE. They basically ready flow charts off a screen.

    If it is out of warranty, and you are confident the on-board video is bad, you can always pick up a small low profile video adapter lie an 8400GS that doesn't consume alot of power. They are relatively cheap. There are also 4350 and 9400GT cards that are small and might be ok in your system. Just make sure they have a low pro plate. This is assuming we are sure it is just your video.
  2. Thank you for the response - Dell techs do suck! I'm still at a loss though - Dell recommended a new video card based on the tech's info but since my video card is integrated, that was ridiculous. They also said they would guide me through the installation of that video card. Fortunately, I did some research and did not order that part. Apparently, I have to replace the whole motherboard because the video card is embedded in this 530 slim model at a much greater expense for parts & labor.

    I am a novice and not comfortable opening the pc and making changes. I called Best Buy and they would do an install for me but I don't know if they are any better than Dell. I am reasonably sure the video card is bad after checking the monitor. The screen goes black after a few minutes and goes into autosave mode. The start up loud (fan) noise has stopped. I was able to troubleshoot and the video fixed transformation failed.

    Is it worth it to get a new motherboard - what if I have other problems on this relatively new desktop pc? I am using a family laptop now. I read a little about using an exteranl video card - is that a feasible solution?

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