Tempest vs Lexa S vs Antec 902

OMG lol every time I go to buy all my parts I rethink my choice of case have changed my mind so much.
I basically don’t know out of the following what one to get:


I know they vary in price but the cheaper they are the cheaper they look

Thx Tim

P.S. sry for the double post but it wouldnt let me edit or delete the last one :(
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  1. You are quiet right - cheaper cases look and feel cheap, Anetc have a good reputation for building solid cases with good cooling. My personal choise would be the 902 as I have used one in the past for a build and cant fault if being solidly built.

    At the end of the day in this price range all three are not bad cases - just personal chocie on looks

    NZXT Tempest is a 902 wannabe
    NZXT Lexa - looks like something out of transformers
  2. i would chose the CM storm Scout case. it's in the same price range, has better build quality then the 902 (so i am told), also it kinda looks like the 902 in the front but has the better red LED fans. I'm just like you i also am finding it difficult to chose. the Lexa S may look like a Transformer, But a FREAKING cool one.
  3. yeah and after looking at them i went for the antec 902 it was close tho cos it is expensive in comparison and i did look at the scout but i dnt like the red i know u can change them but... and also the inside was all grey which i dnt like
  4. at the end of the day everyone has their own preferences... some like flashy gizmos and other prefer cooling performance.

    I used to have a CM stacker before i swapped it for my current case (antec 1200) and the stacker used to make an awful racket because of the fan mountings caused vabration throughout the case - this was not helped by the fact the panels did not attach with screws but used a plastic locking mechanism.
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