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why do i get a message overclocking cpu overtemperature error?
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  1. You do not state what your specs are...cpu type and model, cpu cooler type and model, motherboard type and model name...computer case type and model name...

    But this error message is actually the built in thermal protection circuit reading a high temperature on the cpu itself...like your cpu is overclocked and reaching an unsafe and HIGH temperature that is indicating a temperature that is dangerous and could cause catastrophic failure to your computer.

    either the cpu cooler is unable to remove the heat, the fan on the cooler has failed and isn't spinning, or the cpu cooler thermal paste between the heatsink and the cpu top has dried out or the cpu cooler has become dislodged from it's mount and isn't in contact with the cpu any longer.

    You need to either take it to a repair shop to verify what is wrong...or if you know anything about computers and how to work on one..you can look at the cooler, check if the fan is working, and also see if the cooler has fallen off it's mount, broke or if the paste underneath has dried out.

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