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Hey I have an ASUS P7P55 WS SuperComputer motherboard, the one with the 5 pcie 16x slots. So I was wondering now that I'm building this thing, which slots are ideal for a 2 card crossfire setup? There are 2 blue. 2 black and 1 white.
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  1. I think you stick your two graphic cards in the first blue PCI-e 16x slot, and the black one PCI-e 16x card next to the PCI-e 1x slot.
  2. Awesome! Now is it true that I can get the two cards running both @x16 in those slots, due to the board having '32' pci lanes? I remember reading this somewhere but I'm not sure.
  3. Yes, the P7P55 WS SC has a nVidia NF200 chip built into it, which doubles the normal number of PCI-e lanes from 16 to 32, thus allowing full 16x/16x bandwidth.
  4. This quote is from the ASUS product website from this product -"Besides, P7P55 WS SuperComputer provide you the fastest 2-Way SLI graphic performance when you install Geforce graphic cards in the two blue PCIe x16 lots which can work at 16 links"
    So isn't the quote stating that in order to get x16 speeds on both slots, you have to utilize the BLUE slots?
  5. I suppose. I was just assuming mainly because of the fact that the two closest PCI-e 16x slots are normally the slots which have the 'max' bandwidth.
  6. OK, but now I'm probably going to need a longer crossfire bridge, right? I mean the cards will be about 3 or 4 slots apart.
  7. How much is the difference-Performance Wise-between 2 crossfire cards running at x8 x8 and the same cards running at x16 x16?
  8. I'm assuming that ASUS would have provided a relatively long CrossFireX bridge. Otherwise if your graphic card manufacturer or ASUS hasn't, then you will need to find a longer one. For the majority of graphic cards, there is not a noticeably difference between 16x/16x and 8x/8x. The HD 4870 X2, HD 5970 and possibly GTX 480 will be the only cards which would 'see' a noticeable performance decrease. For example with HD 5870s, there is less than a 5% performance difference in average.
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