Input on new MSI P55-GD80 build

Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything or not getting it right. This is what I can afford at this point.

I am wanting to get an MSI P55-GD80 Motherboard - Intel P55, Socket LGA1156 because of the reviews I've read. I'm not finding to much negative in my search. It sounds like a great board.

I "think" I just figured out how to use Bing Cash Back so I get a $26 discount just for using that for the motherboard from Tiger Direct. Hope it works...

S&H Ground (3 to 7 days)...$0.00
TAX   $0.00

Grand Total = $219.99 minus the $26.84 Bing Cashback

Still need to get the i5 from Micro Center for $150. Maybe use the stock heatsink for starters.

I have Keyboard, Mouse, and temporary Monitor. I also have a Plextor CD and a Sony DVD writers that I'll run of the IDE. I've also got various extra fans from old build I did about six years ago

I ordered one of the Newegg Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB HDD that was selling today for $60. I plan on upgrading HDD's in the future, Maybe RAID, or at least a scratch disc setup.

Also an Antec Three Hundred case from Newegg for $35 after MIR.

I have a Not For Resale copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit version.

Antec Earthwatts 650w power supply

Still need to get a graphics card. I won't be doing SLI or Crossfire. But this will mostly be a CS4 suite PC with some light AutoCAD and Rhino, and home videos editing. So I need to find a good deal on a graphic card. Not sure exactly which one yet. But a good price will be very important to me.

Now I would really like to find a good deal on RAM for this setup. I know prices are high right now. Any ideas? I might have to wait a month or so before I can really put this all together so maybe prices will come down? I have read that they might. That would help the pocket.

Will there be issues if I wait to long to put it all together in the way of being able to return anything that is defective? Is it important to send in the Manufacture warranty cards? Regretfully I just don't have the funds to get it all at once or the time to spend putting it together real quick since my holidays schedule will be full. So it could be late January or mid February before I get just this all together and up and running.
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  1. one ,consider the gd65 if it has all the features you need , the gd80 may not be required . check the benches for CS4 , if it benefits a lot from hyperthreading then get an i7 860 .

    by the way , same story here , got an i5 , and it will be a while before i buy all the components . will be gettin a gd65 , 4gigs, corsair 550vx , one 5770 now and another for CF when they drop , primarily for gaming . will even look at nvidia if they release anything up to januray but not later than that .
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    newegg has a 30 day return policy, so be sure you test everything as you get it don't want to deal with factory returns.
    It is hard to link you to anything since you won't be buying for a while...I suggest you repost closer to your purchase date on each item.
    Unless you plan on doing gaming, you really don't need a strong graphics card. A HD4650 or 4670 is more than enough. IF you think you can use CUDA get a cheap 9500gt or 9600gso...sometimes you can catch open box deals on these that will make them even cheaper. I would say a hard limit of $75 on graphics for a CS4 that money to put toward RAM and processor.
    Are you sure that board supports your old IDE drives?
    Try to save yourself some money on that power supply. Unless you plan on upgrading to gaming graphics cards in the future, 650W is way overkill. Try to find the best Psu you can for under $50, and you need no more than 500W max...
    I know you are on a tight budget, but if you can squeeze an i7 860 into your build it will pay off greatly in editing and design work. In some cases it will almost cut processing time in half because of the hyperthreading.
  3. Thanks to both of you for the input. I took it and went and got the deal from Fry's for the i7 860 and Biostar mother board for $250 after tax and MIR here in So. Cal.. The MIR just cancels the tax.

    I think this will be fine for me since I'm not planning on SLI or Crossfire at this point. I know it is not a top tier Mobo, but I think it will be fine for me for starters. I could always upgrade the board later. And I think this is a good deal for the processor alone.
  4. I have a question. Does the GD80 support 2 PCIEX16 or only 1 like the GD65
  5. both the gd65 and gd80 offer single 16x or dual 8x in SLI/CF .
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